Tab groups in tree style

Vertical tree structure layout of your tab groups. Show context of newly open tabs inside groups.

Tag your tabs

Add tags on your tabs to organize your workflow and easy to find out :- why this tab remain open?

Group Manager

No more struggle to manage groups. Tab wave fix your tab groups clutter. Easy Drag and Drop interfaces. Simplify group modification.

Group sorting

Re-order your groups according to their usage. Also sort by domain, title, url & groupname.

Suspend tabs

Reduces memory usage and make your computer run smoothly by suspending the tabs.

Cloud Sync

Your workspaces are auto-synced to the cloud, so you always have access to your data on different devices.

Restore Groups

View and manage all closed and saved groups. Restore in one click.

Less chaos, more focus

Switch all tabs and groups according to your workspaces.

Here's what our users say:

Awesome extension! modern ui boost Chrome's Tab Groups functionality. Why did I discover this so late ? Keep maintaining it and take it to next level.
An awesome extension for anyone, but especially for someone who needs to organize tabs, and quickly come back to a certain set. I use it at work to organize my active project windows.
Before I loose all groups after browser closed but now, i can re-open all closed groups. Groups sorting is in my longtime searching list. only this extension implement it. Help me to stay organized.
Think this extension like tab outliner but with native chromium tab groups, modern ui design, tag tagging, workspaces and group sorting. Now i switched to this extension.




Tree style
Tab tags
Group sorting
Cloud sync
unlimited save groups
Unlimited workspaces

Organize your tabs in same way as your workflow

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