Extension Description

Tab groups in tree style, group manager, save & restore groups and cloud sync.

Why you should consider this:

  • Tab groups in tree style
  • switch workspaces
  • Advanced and handy group manager.
  • sort & arrange tabgroups.
  • Save and restore groups.
  • Dark mode
  • Cross-devices sync.
  • Pure & clean code that powers fastest performance.
  • No third-party library used.
  • Negligible memory consumption.
  • No tracking.


  • Tab groups in tree style: Complete Overview of all your open and saved groups with custom tags. Think it like Tab outliner but with tab groups.

    New tabs opened from the current tab are automatically organized as “children” of the current tab. Such “branches” are easily folded (collapsed) by clicking on the arrow shown in the “parent” tab, so you no longer need to suffer from too many visible tabs.

  • Workspaces: Everyone uses a web browser for different reasons. Mixing up your work, personal, and other projects is frustrating and chaotic.

  • Switch workspace in one click.

  • Create custom workspaces for the things you work on.

  • Separate your work and stay organized.

  • Handy group manager that you want: you can manage groups from tab bar if you have less than 15 tabs. For more than 15 tabs, you need visual group manager that will solve your pain. Our Group manager help you in this way:

    1. Workspaces : make it easy to switch context.
    2. Toggle group : expand/collapse group.
    3. Group move : move group to a new window.
    4. Group creation : group multiple tabs in one click.
    5. Drag and drop : Drag & Drop to rearrange your tab groups.
    6. Restore group : One click to restore closed groups.
  • Custom tab manager that solve your clutter:

    1. Hide tab : Remove tab from browser’s tab bar but display here.
    2. custom tag: Add tag on tab for- why i open this tab?
    3. Save tab:save your important tabs and access on any devices.
    4. Suspend tab:Dramatically reduce memory usage and keep your computer running faster.
  • Arrange tab groups in one click: Manual tab groups arrangement is a very frustrating job. when you move one tab from one position,it detached from existing groups. You never find a solution to fix it. But now a solution has come.

    You can arrange tabs in multiple way:

    1. Most used : All tab groups are arranged according to its used history.
    2. New to old:All tab groups are arranged according to its creation date history.
    3. Group-title :All tabs are arranged in tab groups’ alphabetical order.
    4. Reverse : All tabs are arranged in reverse order.
  • Cross-devices sync and cloud backups: Your workspaces are auto-synced to the cloud, so you always have access to your data on different devices.