In this article, I will explain about
functionality of each button in tab flow panel.

βœͺ Tab bar

  • Closed: View closed tabgroups.
  • Active: View active tabgroups.
  • Saved: View saved tabgroups.

βœͺ Power button

  • Power Icon: At right top corner of panel.
    click on it to backup tree structure and shut down browser πŸ“΄.

βœͺ Toolbar

Switch workspaces in one click
Open and close all tab groups according to your workspaces.

Sort groups
Move and arrange all your tabs according to your need.
You can sort by:

  • Most used : All tab groups are arranged according to its used history.
  • New to old:All tab groups are arranged according to its creation date history.
  • Group-title :All tab groups are arranged in tab groups’ alphabetical order.
  • Reverse : All tab groups are arranged in reverse order.

βœͺ Marked tool options (appear when any tab marked)

  1. Close Icon: Reset mark tabs and hide mark action box.
  2. Group Icon: Move marked tabs to existing or create new tab groups.
  3. Suspend Icon: Suspend marked tabs.
  4. Open link Icon : Restore closed or saved tabs.
  5. Remove Icon : Remove selected tabs.


βœͺ Tabgroup Header

  1. Arrow Icon: Expand / collapse current group.
  2. Workspace: Workspace of current tabgroup. click on edit icon to change workspace.
  3. Title: Title of current tabgroup. click on edit icon to update tabgroup.
  4. Save Icon: Save/sync tabgroup to access on multiple devices.
  5. Menu Icon: Open tabgroup action menu.

βœͺ Tabgroup action menu

  1. Plus icon:Create new tab in this group.
  2. Suspend icon:Suspend tabgroup.
  3. Open-window Icon: Move tabgroup to existing or new window.
  4. Merge Icon: Merge tabgroup into another tabgroup.
  5. Export Icon: Export tabgroup as html.
  6. Delete Icon: Remove group and its tabs .


βœͺ Tab Item

  • Checkbox: Select tab to create group or other tab actions.
  • Tags 🏷: Tags of current tab that are created by you.
  • Title: Last page title of current tab.
  • Url: Last url link of current tab.

Tab Hover Action

  1. Tag plus Icon 🏷: Create new tags on current tab. Add comma ”,” for multi.
  2. Virtual tab πŸ‘ : Remove tab from browser but display.
  3. Delete Icon : Remove current tab.

ℹ️ Note:
virtual tab removed when browser closed.


βœͺ Windowlist Bar

  • All open windows display here.
  • Click on Edit icon to rename window title.